A baby-friendly DIY from Orly Shani.


  • 2- 2"x 24" pieces of wood
  • 1-24" dowel
  • 2 stoppers
  • Colorful toys
  • Rope


1) Sand your wood so it's completely smooth
2) Drill a hole (the size of your dowel) into all 4 pieces of wood

3) Add another small hole into the middle of all 4 pieces
4) Slide the dowel into the top hole of the wood on either side and add wood glue on the inner piece. (2 pieces on left and 2 on right)
5) Screw the stopper onto the end of the dowel to prevent sliding
6) Cut the rope to 10' and put it through the middle hole, tying a knot on the ends 

7) Hang your toys from the dowel using rope.

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