DIY Baby Headband & Bath Time Pegboard

Kristin Smith has some fun baby hacks to make your life a lot easier.

Materials for Headband

  • Soft T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue

Materials for Bath Time Pegboard

  • Pegboard (available) at any hardware store. (Ask them to cut it to desired size)
  • Spray Paint
  • Plastic coated wire
  • Wire baskets
  • Simple hooks
  • Heavy duty Velcro or command strips (for hanging)

Directions for Headband

1. Cut 2, 2in strips from a soft old t-shirt or jersey dress

2. Tie strips into a “Carrick Bend” Pretzel Knot

3. See example on youtube:

4. Keep strips longer than you want, you will trim later

5. Measure around baby’s head then trim leaving about 1 inch overlap

6. Overlap ends and fasten with fabric glue

Directions for Pegboard

1. Paint board (spray paint is easier and faster); let dry

2. Cut coated wire (about 3in. pieces) and thread through holes to tie wire baskets where you
want them

3. Attach your accessories

4. Hang your pegboard within easy reach

5. Hang with heavy duty Velcro or Command Strips

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