Ken Wingard is helping you stay warm with these throws made out of chunky yarn.


  • 6-8 Skeins Chunky Yarn
DIY Arm Knitted Throw - Home & Family


1. Using the end of the yarn, tie a circle and slide your right hand through

2. With the knot (of your circle) directly under your wrist, wrap the yarn over the front of your palm

3. Take your left hand, and go through yarn loop under your wrist

4. Clutch the yarn and pull back through the loop I just went through with left hand, let the loop slip off your right hand

5. Continue the above steps for 10-20 stitches

6. Now, onto creating our “first row.” You loop your yarn around your right thumb, clutch the remaining yarn in that hand

7. Taking next stitch, pass over fist that’s clutching the yarn

8. Transfer loop that‘s being clutched to left hand, this creates the initial stitch of these next row

9. Repeat steps until row complete

10. Continue steps, transferring yarn from hand to hand until you come to end of the yarn

11. Start casting off by clutching chunky yarn length with same hand that has the other stitches

12. Transfer first stich over top of second stitch and remove from your other hand so there is only one stitch left on that hand

13. -Repeat until all stitches are removed from the arm so you’re left with one circle. Finally, pull the remaining length of the yarn through this circle and tie it off!

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