A fun Ken Wingard DIY for all-ages.


  • Wood piece for base (6” disc)
  • Smooth sided tapered drinking glass
  • Puck light
  • 6 Magnets
  • Wood plugs/optional
  • Small toy animal
  • Plastic small plate
  • Paper clip
  • Superglue
  • Green paint
  • Batteries
  • Moonlight
  • Frisbie
  • Sliver spray paint
  • White paint


  1. Buy precut wood pieces at hardware store.
  2. Cut out felt to fit wood disc
  3. Cut out center to fit mouth of glass
  4. Paint wood green with white center
  5. Paint frisbie, plate and lights silver
  6. Glue felt to wood
  7. Glue plate to frisbie
  8. Glue puck to glass bottom
  9. Glue glass to wood
  10. Glue animal to paperclip to wood
  11. Glue magnets to bottom of frisbie
  12. Glue magnets to top of plate
  13. Stack pieces and you’re done!

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