DIY Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to keep track of your acts of kindness with this DIY.


  • Macramé ring in desired size; 12" is a good size
  • Yarn
  • Clothes pins
  • Tags/scrapbook paper/mini envelopes; any type of paper can be used
  • Number stickers; optional
  • Scissors
DIY Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar - Home & Family


1. Tie the yarn around the macramé ring so that it is secure.

2. Cut the yarn so that it is shorter on the sides and longer in the middle.

3. Number the papers 1-25 and write or type on them an act of kindness to do on that day.

4. Attach the paper of choice to the yarn; you can do them out of order, or in order left to

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