A fun DIY from Matt Iseman.


  • Hollow books
  • Sand
  • Superglue
  • Paint
  • Action figures

DIY Action Figure Bookends - Home & Family


1. Fill hollowed out book with sand.

2. Seal the edges of the book using superglue.

3. Optional: paint the exterior of the book to match other accessories or the color of your room.

4. Choose desired pose of your action figure and superglue the joints so it is locked in position.

5. File down, cut or shave off the part of the body that will attach to the book.

6. Once the surface is flat, use more superglue and attach your action figure to the book in your desired pose.

7. Step and repeat this process for second bookend on the opposite side.

8. Fill in with books or comics and display!

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