Disaster Kits For Your Pet with Laura Nativo

What kind of plan should you formulate in case of emergency?

  • Laura says talking to your neighbors and exchanging phone numbers and asking them to please check on your dogs is key. Exchanging keys with people you trust so they can check on your pets if you're not home.
  • Making sure that you are familiar with pet-friendly hotels and motels and knowing a couple of different options of where you can go in case a shelter doesn't allow pets in different areas.
  • Taking note before a disaster happens of your pets habits. Knowing where they go when they are scared is crucial, so you can tell your neighbors where to look if they come to check on your pets and your pets are hiding.
  • You should also have an emergency sticker in the window of your home that tells someone there are pets inside and to please rescue them. They should be on all the main doors in the house.

What is the most important thing we can do in case we're separated from our pets during a natural disaster?

  • Laura says that identification is key. Your pets should be micro-chipped, have tags, and all the information should be up to date. Make sure there is a second number that is associated with your pet in case your landline goes down or your house is flattened. There needs to be a second way someone can reach you.
  • Also make sure you have current photos of your pet in case you need to put them up online.

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