Dian Thomas' DIY Outdoor Shower

DIY Outdoor Shower


  1. You take an umbrella (without a sharp point), two shower curtains and some rope.
  2. Open the umbrella and turn it upside down.
  3. Tie one end of the rope to the umbrella handle.
  4. Throw the other end over a tree limb and loosely tie it to the tree trunk so that the umbrella is at eye level.
  5. Hook the holes in the curtains onto the prongs of the umbrella.
  6. Raise the umbrella so that when a camper is standing under it, the bottom of the shower curtain is off the ground. Now tie the rope securely to the tree.

For water for your shower, purchase a new insecticide sprayer and mark the outside to read "CAMPING ONLY." Never use anything that once contained chemicals. If possible, put a black can or paint it black.
Another option is a "Sun Shower." You can buy them in outdoors stores like Academy (, Sports Authority, or REI ( It's just a flat plastic bag with a handle, a sprinkler head, and cut-off valve.

Plan ahead. Leave your water in the sun during the day for a heated afternoon shower. Water Spout


  1. You need to wash out a large, plastic bleach bottle that has an airtight lid and poke a small nail hole in the front near the bottom to make a spout.
  2. Fill the bottle with water. When you are ready to wash your hands, loosen the lid and the pressure from the top will force a small stream of water from the spout.
  3. To create a larger stream of water from the jug, poke the hole with a golf tee. Then, tie the upper part of the tee to the jug handle to use as a stopper.
  4. Attach a rope to the handle and tie the jug to a tree limb. Place a bar of biodegradable soap in a nylon stocking and hang it from the handle of the jug.

Grooming Apron


  1. Fold up the lower edge of a bath towel about five inches and sew pockets to hold items such as toothpaste, soap, razor, comb, mirror, and washcloth.
  2. Sew a casing about 2 inches above the pockets and thread a drawstring through it, making it long enough to tie around your waist.
  3. The excess material at the top of the towel becomes a flap to keep the items from falling out of their pockets.
  4. It can also serve as a towel for drying your hands and face.

Weatherproof Toilet Paper


  1. To weatherproof a roll of toilet paper, you'll need a lightweight wire clothes hanger, a medium-sized coffee can with a plastic lid, and some tape.
  2. With tin snips, cut and remove a ½-inch wide strip that runs from the top to the bottom of the can. Use tape to cover the raw edges of the slit.
  3. On the bottom of the hanger in the middle, insert the ends through the holes. Tape the wires together so that they overlap nearly the length of the can.
  4. Lift the plastic lid to insert a roll of toilet tissue and feed the paper through the slit.
  5. The coat hanger serves as a handle for carrying the tissue holder as well as a hook for hanging it on the branch of a tree.

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