Debbie Matenopoulos' Common Fashion Myths

Myth 1: You Cannot Mix Different Patterns
Patterns of similar sizes compete for attention, so try pairing smaller patterns with larger, bolder ones. To make an outfit cohesive, the patterns should be in the same color family. This is a basic starter rule and it doesn’t mean you should get all matchy-matchy with a monochrome look every time. While that might look great, try to mix it up a bit while in staying within the same color family.
Myth 2: Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Wider
The key here is finding the right width. Thicker lines are best on curvy women, I've found, because they're proportional with bigger figures. Look for ones that are around two inches wide (very thin, close-set stripes have an enlarging effect).
Myth 3: You Cannot Wear White After Labor Day
Fashion rules are meant to be broken! A crisp white dress shirt is a fashion staple for both men and woman no matter what time of the year and most designers are creating winter whites! You can buy white winter coats and boots, white ski clothes, white woolen dresses, white wool pants, etc. White is perfectly acceptable no matter what time of the year.
Myth 4: You Cannot Wear Denim On Denim
You can pull this off easily by making sure the washes are at least two shades different from each other—or go to the next level and wear colored denim.
Myth 5: You Have To Match Your Shoes, Bags And Belts With Each Other
They absolutely do not have to match, but they have to be in same family. Leopard shoe and snake skin belt and red bag – no. But if you keep in same family, you can definitely mix and match.
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