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Vitamin C Aromatherapy Shower Heads
Aroma Sense is a provider of luxury shower heads with the first of its kind, aroma scented Vitamin C shower heads. Aroma Sense is an innovative product that emits Vitamin C nutrients during your aromatherapy shower, promoting healthier skin and smoother hair. under $50

Orchid Repair Facial Mask
The "Take Me Away to My Own Bathroom Spa facial". This mask is so easy…you open the package, peel away the paper and then put the mask right onto your face. No mess. This mask is completely free of chemicals…it moisturizes and revitalizes your skin. It's like being in a fancy spa. Leave on for 20 minutes.

The Kaddyback Golf Ball Massage and SpaBall Kaddy
It's time for a massage. The Golf Ball Massage is the latest simple tool used by professional massage therapist all over the world. Created by Heather Carr…Heather found using a golf ball for a deep tissue massage was very effective but it hurt her hands so she created the shield.

And the Kaddyback is a do it yourself hands free golf ball deep tissue back massage. You just throw the Kaddyback over your shoulder and move from side to side to find those knots… and you'll feel like a million bucks! You can use Kaddyback anywhere, office, car, or airplane. If you order this online today or tomorrow, enter the promo code HOPE and 10% of the proceeds will go to Our Community House of Hope in Thousand Oaks.

 Art of Tea
Pour a cup of the art of tea's signature "Chill out Tea" and let the process begin. Art of Tea recently won #1 green tea in the world. Caffeine free with the calming root Valerian.

Ze Chocolate Lady
Chocolatier Tina Villar is truly a chocolate artist. Not only do these chocolates look like masterpieces, they taste incredible and it melts in your mouth. Ze Chocolate Lady has a variety of chocolate including five artisanal bon bons, dulce de leche coffee bars and sea salt caramels. That is one of Tina's secrets is that she uses sea salt for all her recipes.

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