De-Coding Food Freshness Dates with Sophie Uliano

What’s The Difference Between "Best By" And "Sell By" Dates?
"Best By/Enjoy By"
means that the food’s quality and flavor will be the best until this date. OR “Use Before/Guaranteed Fresh” means a food’s quality and flavor will be best before this point, just giving the consumer an idea of when the food will be at peak freshness

"Sell By:" This is used by manufacturers to tell a supermarket when to rotate the stock. It’s not meant for consumers.

In fact:

you can reduce grocery prices by 50% if you buy goods with the orange "sell by" stickers on them. They are still perfectly edible/not expired. You can freeze them and use them later. Which Foods Last The Shortest And Which Foods Last The Longest?
• Raw chicken (1-2 days)
• Raw ground beef (1-2 days)
• Cooked chicken (3-4 days)
• Deli Meats (3-5 days)
• Cooked Rice (4-6 days)
• OJ (7-10 days)
• Uncooked bacon and hot dogs (1 week)
• Baby carrots (2-3 weeks)
• Cheese (3-4 weeks)
• Mayo (2 months)
• Butter (1-3 months)
• Bottled Salad Dressing (6-9 months)
• Pickles (1 year)

Are There Any Foods That Can Be Consumed

After An Expiration Date?
Meat: If you freeze it, it will give the meat a 50% longer shelf-life.

Bread: It will keep in the freezer past the expiration date as long as you don’t spot any mold.

Pasta: Since it’s a dry, hard product, it won’t spoil easily. You can use it past the expiration date, just make sure it doesn’t smell funny.

Dry Goods (Crackers, corn chips, cereal, etc): Check if the chips or crackers are stale. You can try reviving them in the toaster oven. Only if they smell odd should you absolutely stay away.

Milk: Pasteurized milk will keep 50% longer than exp. Date if you store it at a lower temperature. Helpful tip: try storing at the back of the fridge rather than the fridge door.

Packaged greens: It’s okay to eat the lettuce if it’s wilting, jut not decaying. To revive wilting leaves, soak the lettuce in ice water for 10 minutes.

Decoding Food Freshness Dates

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