David David Walrod’s Christmas Tree Tips

How to select a great tree:
1. Buy during the day time to use full light to examine the characteristics of the tree. Buying at night sometimes leads to unforeseen defects like bare spots.

2. To check for freshness give the tree a shake, needles should not pour off the tree.

3. Check a few of the individual needles of the tree for pliability. Slowly and gently buckle the needle between your thumb and finger. It should bend more than snap.

4. Look deep into the bows of the tree... Do needles fill the base of the branches?

5. Examine the base/ trunk of the tree: make sure it is suitable; ie, not too wide for the tree stand, or too crooked!

6. Consider the weight of the ornaments you will be using. Are the branches sturdy enough to hold them up?

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