Dan Kucan's Bejeweled Garden Fence

Dan Kucan shows off this sparkly DIY that uses Forstner bits!


  • Fence
  • Transparent Glass Marbles (various sizes)
  • Drill
  • Circular File


  1. Drill hole – Use a Forstner Bit slightly smaller than marble
  2. Push marble into place
  3. If hole is too small use circular file to gently widen it.
  4. Repeat


  1. A Forstner bit will create a perfect hole
  2. Sets of Forstner bits come in various sizes for around $20
  3. Find Forstner bits online or at any hardware dept.
  4. Find round files at any hardware store
  5. A flat/curve file assortment costs around $10
  6. Use transparent glass marbles for best lighting effect
  7. Drill a hole slightly smaller than your marble using a Forstner Bit
  8. Press marble into hole until it is flush with front side
  9. If hole is too small, gently widen using a circular file
  10. Be careful not to over file or marble will fall out.

Marble resources:

Bejeweled Garden Fence - Home & Family

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