Cristina's Upside Down Christmas Tree


  • 1 small wreath
  • 1 medium wreath
  • 1 large wreath
  • Wire ribbon (for our wreath we are using 60 inches)
  • Zip ties
  • Fancy garland
  • Holiday christmas balls


  1. First you will need 3 wreaths in descending order. One large one medium and one small.
  2. You can get creative with the way you want to decorate. First you want to connect the three wreaths using wire ribbon. How much ribbon you need depends on your chandelier.
  3. I am using 60 inches and seperating the wreaths 10 inches apart.
  4. Take your 4 pieces of wire ribbon and mark every 10 inches so you know where to tie the ribbon to the wreath.
  5. Start at the bottom with the smallest wreath. Glue and tie the ribbon on the bottom and then secure your second wreath and your third.
  6. Bring all 4 pieces of ribbon to a point at the top and tie on chandelier.
  7. Secure the ribbon to your chandelier using wire ribbon and zip ties.
  8. Once secure you can start decorating the wreath with fancy garland, bows, and round balls.

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