Cristina's Pretty Terra-Cotta Pots


  • Terra-Cotta pots
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Fabric Quarters


  • Start by wrapping the fabric around your pot. Leave extra room for folding it over on the top and bottom. Begin by coating a small section of the pot with Mod Podge.
  • Stick the beginning of your fabric length to the pot and once it is in place, coat the fabric with Mod Podge. Continue doing this all the way around, without worrying about the top or bottom of the pot.
  • When the outside of the pot is finished, trim your fabric so that less than an inch hangs over the top and bottom. Begin at the top, folding the fabric into the pot in pleats so that it lays nice and flat around the rim. Coat in Mod Podge.
  • Do the same for the bottom, folding the fabric in pleats so that the bottom edge of the pot remains smooth. Coat any loose flaps of fabric with Mod Podge.
  • If you want to put these pots outside, make sure to buy Mod Podge with water-resistance. It will protect it from water. Coat the outside of the pot.
  • Now let your pot dry.

Tips/Talking Points:

  • It costs around $3.00 a pot.
  • If you buy the fabric quarters it costs around fifty cents and you can have different assortment.
  • You can use any fabric.
  • They're great for inside or outside the house.
  • It's a fun activity to do with kids.
  • You can give these as gifts, especially Mother's Day! Add a bag of seeds (flowers, herbs) and wrap in cellophane.

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