Cristina's Picture Perfect Burger

The Bun:
• Trim the overlap.
• Make grill marks on the bun w electric charcoal lighter. Lettuce & Onion:
• Pick leaves under outer layer.
• Look for green color w/unblemished ruffles. • Slice red onion ⅛ inch

• Find tomato large enough to use one slice. • Slice tomato ⅜ to ½ inch thick. Cheese:
• Use prepackaged slices.
Prepping the Burger:
• Use ground beef with 10% fat.
• Make a circular template that is ¼ inch bigger than bun. • Cover template with plastic. • Form burger that will fit in your template, ⅝ to ¾ inch thick. • Brush burger with oil
Cooking the Burger:
• Sear burger on hot griddle or large flat skillet. • Pink edges are ok. • Transfer to sheet pan. • With torch, lightly brown sides. • Place burgers in baking pan of cool vegetable oil.
Building the Burger:
• Use toothpics to place lettuce, cut toothpicks. • Brush hoisin sauce on burger for color. • Place burger on lettuce. • Place cheese on flat spatula. • Use torch (or steamer) to soften cheese. • Place cheese on burger. • Place tomato, cut and push to edge. • Use toothpicks to keep in place. • Squeeze mayo along edges. And make sure you visit us on pinterest at

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