Cristina's Flower Arrangements

Cristina Ferrare has some wonderful ideas of summertime floral arrangements.

Materials for Centerpiece or Dessert Plate

  • Rectangular plate
  • 3x3 inch Aqua Foam with corners cut off
  • Moistened Moss
  • 2 stems of baby orchids
  • 3 glass beads or rocks

Materials for Glass Bowl Vase

  • Glass vase
  • 1 Frog (heavy metal disk with prongs)
  • Small Pebbles (enough to cover frog)
  • Three Gerber Daisies. Daisies should be cut at different lengths. Refer to photo.

Materials for Orchid and Shell Arrangement

  • Vase of choice
  • 2 to 3 orchid plants depending on container size
  • Moss
  • Raffia ribbon
  • Design Master Ultra Leaf spray

Directions for Centerpiece or Dessert Plate

  1. Cover around the aqua foam tightly with wet moss as a base for your arrangement
  2. Prepare your two orchids stems by cutting from the top to make them different lengths. Cut about 1/4 inch off the top of the first orchid and about 3/4 inch off the top of the second orchid.
  3. Stick both orchids stems into the aqua foam.
  4. Pluck 4 extra flowers from the leftover stems and place around the empty space on your plate.
  5. Place your 3 glass beads among the loose flower petals to finish the look
  6. Floral arrangements made on a plate can be a cute garnish for desserts.

Directions for Orchid and Shell Arrangement

  1. Place orchids in container. The one in the photo holds 3 plants.
  2. Cover orchid stem clips with moss or raffia ribbon to hide bindings.
  3. Spray leaves with the Ultra Shine Leaf spray to put a glossy finishing touch on your arrangement.
  4. *Design notes: Orchid arrangements bought from a florist can cost as much as $350. You can buy your own orchids for $19 to $20 a plant from your local garden center or grocery store. Trader Joe's offers a great selection. To care for the orchids, water once a week with 3/4 cup water. Keep in natural light, no direct sun. The plants should last 2 to 3 months with proper care.

Directions for Glass Bowl Vase

  1. Round glass vase.
  2. Use a “frog” to secure flowers in place at the bottom of the vase
  3. Hide the “frog” base with pebbles and add enough water to cover the frog by an inch.

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All of Cristina's watering tools and flower sprays are courtesy of Fleurish.

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