Cristina Ferrare Creates an Easter Tablescape

Egg Bud Vase with Tulip


Flower (tulips work well) Dyed egg (not boiled) Skewer stick Moss Glass tealight holder Gaff tape Nest Bowl for empty yolk Bowl of water Steps
1. Dye the egg
2. Trim flower to about 8 inches tall 3. Hold the egg and with a paring knife, gently tap the top of the egg until you've completely circled the egg. The top of the egg should fall off or you can peel the last piece off 4. Rinse egg top and hollowed egg with water 5. Gently place the flower in the egg and use a skewer stick To push in the moss, completely surrounding the flower and filling the egg with moss so the flower remains secure 6. Fold a piece of gaff tape and insert in the tealight holder which is centered in the nest 7. Place finished flower bud inside the tealight holder and press against tape so it's secure. 8. Place top of egg upside down into the nest 9. Fill with a mini chocolate egg 10. Decorate nest with baby's breath Bunny Ears Napkin Fold

• Cloth napkin
• Ribbon • Baby's breath Steps
1. Take a solid-colored square cloth napkin.
2. Fold napkin in half. 3. Fold napkin in half again, to form a long rectangle. 4. Fold the right and left sides down to meet in the center, forming a point at one end. Should form the shape of a house. 5. Repeat with the opposite corners. 6. Fold the side corners in so they meet in the center, but don't fold exactly straight. Pull up above the center point, and you'll start to see the ears shape up. The napkin will form a kite shape. 7. Gently turn your napkin over. 8. Fold the bottom point up, so that it is roughly 1” above the center of the napkin. 9. Carefully, turn the napkin over again. 10. Roll the left side over, slightly past the center of the napkin. 11. Fold the right side over, tucking the end into the pocket you created on the left side, holding your napkin together. 12. Turn the napkin upright, separating the bottom to form a base. Fluff your bunny’s ears. 13. Cut a piece of ribbon, allowing enough room to tie around the center of the napkin below the bunny ears. Tie into a bow. 14. Place a small bunch of baby's breath in between the napkin and the bow of the ribbon.

Bunny Buns
• Kneaded dough (soft)
• Baking tray • Baking paper • Kitchen sheers • Brush for glazing • Bowl of melted butter (quantity as desired for glazing) Steps
1. Separate dough and roll into oval-shaped balls, creating the shape of buns.
2. Place balls onto baking tray lined with baking paper. 3. While the dough is still soft, cut the ears with kitchen shears. Make two short cuts along the left side of the bun, one on the top and one on the bottom edge. 4. Be sure to smooth the edges around, so you don't end up with horn-shaped ears. 5. Take the tip of the closed kitchen sheers and create a small hole for each of the eyes. This will be done in line with the ears. 6. Glaze buns with melted butter. Bake at 375° for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. Get more from Cristina at