Cristina Ferrare Crafts DIY Lace Pots and Garden Pavers

Materials Needed:

Terra Cotta Pot Project
Drop Cloths/Masking Tape
Black/White Exterior brush on paint Paintbrush/Pouncer Sponge Stencils 6 Terra Cotta Pots How-To Terra Cotta Pots
1. Place Terra Cotta Pot on drop cloth

2. Paint terra cotta pots black on the outside, and on the inside lip of the pot and let dry 1 hour. Repeat up to 3 coats, depending on desired look.

3. Place the stencil of your choice and affix with masking tape.

4. Swish sponge back and forth to evenly distribute paint onto the sponge, so as to avoid clumps.

5. Apply paint to pot in an "X" and "J" movement. Let completely dry before applying subsequent coats.

6. Remove the stencil. Repeat the stenciling process to create the pattern you want.

Helpful Hints
1. Do not use or repurpose your painted pots for growing food.

2. Stipple Sponges can be cut to size for job and they are washable and can be reused.

3. Create your own stencils using your computer or download them, as well.

4. 18" Terra Cotta Pots run around $35; Stipple Sponges $3.49; Stencils around $5.00; 2 cans of black spray paint per pot at $3.98 each; quart of white paint at $8.00. Total project cost: around $60.00.

Pavers Project
12 Octagonal Gray Concrete Pavers, 10 -12"
Doilies Spray adhesive Exterior/Outdoor White spray paint How-To Garden Stones
1. Place paver on drop cloth

2. Spray adhesive on one side of the doily

3. Place doily on paver

4. Spray white paint over doily

Helpful Hints
1. Remove doily while wet so the doily doesn’t stick to the paver

2. Allow the paver to dry over night

3. $12 for a package of 40 doilies; $6.99 per can for white spray paint; $11.99 per paver; 12 pavers for walkway $165

How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden