Cristina Ferrare's Tips for Making a Great Roast


  • Roasting pan
  • Thermometer
  • Cutting knife
  • Twine


  1. Let meat sit out for up to an hour for browning to occur in the oven. roast develops a nice crust.
  2. Cook bone-in roasts whenever possible due to the protein (collagen) in the bone which adds flavor.
  3. Meat is also more tender surrounding the bone.
  4. For thin cuts of meat, roast at (400 degrees & above is best)
  5. For thick cuts of meat, roast at high temperature to brown. then, reduce to moderate temperature (300-350 degrees)
  6. Very thick/tough cuts of meat roast roast at low temperature (250 degrees).
  7. Let the meat rest after cooking
  8. Insert thermometer into thickest part of roast. tastes best at (120 degrees)
  9. These tips are best for beef tenderloin, rib roast, pork roast & port tenderloin.

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