Cristina Crafts DIY Pumpkins for Kids

Peek-a-Boo Kid's Pumpkin
Knife or carving tools Black felt Googly eyes Craft glue Tooth picks Black felt Chalk Scissors Instructions:
1. Draw a cutting line on your pumpkin.
2. Using a knife, cut along the line to create a lid. 3. Set the lid aside. 4. Hollow out your pumpkin. 5. Using hand pattern, trace two hands onto felt and cut out. 6. Using craft glue, attach the two hands to the pumpkin. 7. Adhere the eyes using craft glue. White Sharpie Pumpkin
White pumpkin
Black Sharpie Instructions:
1. Draw different patterns on each section of the pumpkin to create unique design.
Spray Painted Ribbon Pumpkins
3 pumpkins
Ribbon Black spray paint Silver spray paint Prop animals Instructions:
1. Spray paint pumpkin.
2. Add decorative ribbon. 3. Add prop animals (bat or crow) for an extra decoration. We'd like to thank " Halloween Magazine" for inspiring this DIY.

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