Cristina Crafts: DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards

Materials Needed:

  • Cork board circles (3" diameter)
  • Styrofoam block (15/16" x 11-15/16" x 17-15/16")
  • Fabric quarters (18"x21")
  • Repositional spray mount
  • Vinyl fabric
  • Decorative nails (7/16")
  • Glue gun
  • Fancy ribbon

Steamer Trunk Desk Bulletin Board:

  1. Spray fabric face down with adhesive spray.
  2. Position styrofoam board in center of fabric.
  3. Pull fabric tight and wrap corners.
  4. Glue and tack vinyl stripping.
  5. Finish tacking with studs.

Cork Circle Bulletin Boards from

  1. Lay your fabric quarter face down on a table. Spray fabric with spray mount. Position styrofoam block on top of the fabric. Wrap fabric around the block and pull tight so there are no creases on the front side. Fold the corners in. Press the fabric to the block so it lays flat as well. For the cork circles, you will trim the fabric so there is just a ½-inch border on the backside of the cork. Add fancy ribbon and hot glue in criss-cross shape or whatever pattern you like.
  2. Add a 2-inch border around the front edge of the fabric-covered board. With a glue gun, add a layer of glue around the top edge of the board. Press vinyl onto the glue. Be sure you have positioned your vinyl strip so that it drapes halfway over the front and halfway over the backside. Add glue to the front edge and back edge. You will fold the corners in on the backside.
  3. On the backside, glue a picture frame hanger on the top center so that you can hang your bulletin board.
  4. Punch in decorative studs (nails) as a border on the board.
  5. Hang!

Tips from Cristina:

  • Fabric quarters can be purchased at your local craft store for about $2. They're great because they are pre-cut swatches, so you don't have to deal with big pieces of fabric from the fabric store.
  • We added decorative studs to give it that nailhead look that we have on our steamer trunk desk. You can buy these at the craft store as well. They're called decorative nails or furniture nails.

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