Cristina Crafts: Decorative Easter Baskets

For Easter Baskets you need...

Brown and White Hard Boiled Eggs
Stickers (we used Martha Stewart ones)
  1. Put moss in basket.
  2. Wrap ribbon around the handle of the basket and tie bows on both ends.
  3. Put white and brown eggs in basket.
  4. Customize your eggs using the stickers.

Golden Egg Baskets you need...

Gold ribbon
Brown Hard Boiled Eggs
24K Egg Dye

Tip: Use Brown Eggs with the 24K dye. It holds the color better.

  1. Put moss in basket.
  2. Tie ribbon in a bow at the base of the handle.
  3. Dye the hard boiled brown eggs according to pkg directions.
  4. Place eggs in basket. You can either leave them plain or customize them further with stickers.

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