Creative Calisthenics with Barstarzz and Hovhannes Mkhitaryan

Important Facts about Creative Calisthenics with Barstarzz:

When was Barstarzz born?

Barstarzz was started in New York City in 2009 in the public parks with bar set ups. Barstarzz members started putting up videos on YouTube and it caught on. They created an international team, sharing moves and developing routines from their website. After that, they started posting step-by-step instructions and tutorials online. How does Creative Calisthenics work?
You use just your body weight and a set of bars that are available for free at any public park. By limiting your rest in between classic strengthening movements, you create a cardio work out, as well.
Does it cost anything to do it?
There is no gym membership. The parks already provide the bars, so there is no equipment to buy. You don't need expensive supplements. Another thing we emphasize on our website is good basic nutrition. That's all you ever need.
How is that different from weight training?
With spot training you risk over training a particular muscle group and neglecting others. With Creative Calisthenics, you stress your whole body evenly.
Can a person jump off the couch and do this?
Any person at any fitness level can do it. You can take your phone to the park and watch our videos from It looks impossible, but it's not. You can start at a lower level, and do the modified versions of the workouts to make it easier and take it from there.
Is this something the whole family do?
Barstarzz goes into neighborhoods and does demonstrations at local parks. The kids love it. They already want to play. And then they see that they can get fit doing it too.
Parents can go to the park with their kids. They can get a workout in while their kids play. They can even get their kids interested in doing it, too. The most important thing is getting kids used to having exercise as a normal part of their daily lives. For women who are concerned they'll bulk up, they won't. You are using your own body weight, nothing more. Your muscles are being used in such a way that they are being toned without bulk.


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