Crafty Lumberjacks - DIY Yarn Embellished Cardboard Trees

Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza, the Crafty Lumberjacks, super cool DIY Yarn Embellished Christmas Trees.
DIY Yarn Embellished Cardboard Trees
Christmas Decor
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  • Scrap cardboard or cardboard boxes
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Awl or thick nail
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. If using boxes, cut them down to get flat pieces of cardboard with an x-acto knife on a cutting mat.
  2. Draw out the desired shape of tree onto the cardboard and a small right triangle to serve as the standing support for the tree. Use a ruler to create straight lines. PRO TIP: If you’re not comfortable free handing, print a photo off the internet to cut out and use as a template.
  3. Cut the tree and triangle support out with an x-acto knife on a cutting mat.
  4. Mark out where you want to poke holes to thread yarn through. The two that are mandatory to create the vertical stitch are near the top point of the tree and on the trunk near the bottom in the center to create the vertical line. The placement of the holes for the stitch designs are up to you!
  5. Poke through the cardboard where you’ve marked with an awl or large nail. Make sure it is sharp and not too blunt.
  6. Thread the desired color of yarn into your yarn needle, tie a knot at the end so it catches on the back of the tree and stitch through the poked holes in the tree. Knot in the back at the end of each finished stitch to secure.
  7. Glue the right triangle support onto the back of the trunk so the tree will stand.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to create as many trees in as many patterns and sizes as desired.
  9. Arrange in your décor and enjoy!

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