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Coupons 101

Coupons 101

Jeanette Pavini has some helpful tips.

Tip: Download your favorite stores’ Apps to your phone and browse for offers that suit you

Tip: Register your loyalty card & receive ‘Just-For-You’ offers; “clip” the ones you want

Tip: GroceryIQ.com can help organize all your savings in one place - on your phone

Tip: Sites like Coupons.com have offers from thousands of retailers; search for your savings

Tip: File coupons in binders or organizers from companies like ContainerStore.com

Tip: Mobile apps are the newest and most efficient way to use coupons

Tip: Mobile coupons can be scanned at the register right off your phone

Tip: “Peelies” are coupons manufactured right on package. Peel them off at the register

Tip: “Catalinas” are coupons printed on the back of your register receipt

Tip: “Tearpads” are coupons mounted near products for you to tear off on the spot Tip: Three $1 coupons weekly can save $156/year and motivate you to save more

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