Cooking with Lemon Flavored Herbs

Find out about the different varieties with Shirley Bovshow!

Did you know there are a variety of Lemon Herbs to choose from when deciding which ones to grow? Shirley breaks down the kinds you should be looking for and why!


Popular in Asian cuisine; strong lemon scent, also has citronella, natural insect repellent. Grows 4-5'ft in ground and shorter in container. All day sun, well draining soil. Harvest thick stems and peel before using.
FRENCH SORREL: Popular for hundreds of years; tart flavor of unsweetened lemonade; pairs with sweet fruit in salads, as pesto, soups.  Grows in full sun as well as partial shade. Just add olive oil and kosher salt, taste like lemon was added
LEMON VERBENA: Intense lemon flavor grown for medicinal as well as culinary uses. Replace lemon zest. Grow 4-6' in ground.  Plant in 12"-inch pot and place in full sun spot; bring indoors in winter

How to preserve the plants:

  • Hang or use a screen to dry lemongrass, verbena and lemon balm
  • Sorrel loses flavor when dried. Mash up with a little water and freeze a cube for later use in soups, stews, etc.

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How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden