Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Carving with Tanya Memme

Tools and Materials:

  • Medium size pumpkin, $4
  • Sharp metal cookie cutters, $7
  • Carving knife
  • Scooping spoon
  • Bowl for pumpkin scoopings
  • Rubber mallet, $4
  • Flameless votive candle, $1


  1. Mix in other shapes like stars, hearts, and animals.
  2. For colored pumpkins, spray paint before you insert cookie cutters.
  3. Steps:

    1. Spray paint pumpkin )optional to paint before or after hollowing).
    2. Cut off top and hollow out pumpkin.
    3. Hammer cookie cutters into pumpkin to create cut-away shapes.
    4. Remove cookie cutter.
    5. Run a sharp knife around the cut-out shapes to make sure shape is clear.
    6. Gently pop out shapes.
    7. Insert lit candle, replace top, and enjoy the glow.

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