Coleen Christian Burke - White House Inspired Shooting Stars Table Topper

White House Christmas Historian Coleen Christian Burke shares simple last-minute holiday decorations inspired by the west wing.
White House Inspired Shooting Stars Table Topper
Table Setting, Home Decor
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Coleen Christian Burke, author, “Christmas with The First Ladies” book available wherever books are sold.

Coleen Christian Burke - First Lady Inspired Paper Crafts - Home & Family


  • Cardboard tubes
  • wrapping paper tubes and/or paper towel tubes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Craft stars
  • thin wooden dowels
  • Paint & glitter stars & dowels
  • Styrofoam balls to fit tube
  • Paint, sparkles, embellishments
  • Wreath
  • Small piece of foam core
  • Decorations
  • Hot glue


  1. Plain cardboard tube (wrapping paper and/or paper towel tubes)
  2. Cut tubes in half on an angle
  3. Wrap tube in colorful paper
  4. Hot glue tubes together in sets
  5. Set aside
  6. Paint & glitter the stars
  7. Hot glue the star onto a dowel
  8. Insert styrofoam balls into tubes
  9. Insert star/dowel into styrofoam balls
  10. Arrange tissue paper surrounding top of tube
  11. Add more tissue as needed
  12. Nestle the green roping in the center of the wreath
  13. Gather both groups of “shooting star tubes” and arrange them vertically or you can angle them.
  14. Glue tubes to a small piece of foam core and conceal it in wreath.
  15. Decorate wreath and surrounding table

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