Cold Weather Emergency Preparedness

Snowed In Helpful Hints
1. This type of an emergency is called “Shelter in Place.”
2. Have warm clothes on hand.
3. Stay dry; water has 25 times the conductivity or air, you will get cold that much faster.
4. Clap your hands together and stomp your feet often to keep appendages warm.
5. If you are with others, huddle to make the most of your body heat.
6. Having Plenty of Food and Water is key, staying hydrated and fueled.

SOS Products:
1. Heat Packs - $1-$5
a. Two types of heat packs to avoid frostbite – Reusable takes boiling water to “reset” them. The single use is less eco friendly, but not dependent upon a boiling water source.

2. Mylar Blanket - $3.00
a. Mylar Blanket safeguards against hypothermia. It is a stretched polyester film that is a great heat conductor. It’s the same material that astronauts use for their blankets in space.

3. Solar Generator - $1,800.00
a. Solar generators can last up to a week before needing to be recharged, depending on use. Many people poison themselves with carbon monoxide trying to use gas-powered generators inside.

4. Double Duty / Portable Toilet – $14 / $39.00
a. Double Duty – A hygiene options wherein a bag with a chemical, called Ecofresh, absorbs the odor and wetness of an evacuation. This is a great option should you not have a separate room tor privacy. There is also the option of a portable toilet. Essentially it is a large drum with a liner and a toilet seat top. Should you have the option of a separate room, this provides the most privacy. Ecofresh can be purchased separately and placed in the portable toilet, as well.

5. Handcrank Radio - $49.00
a. Listen to reports on updates about the storm from authorities. Check periodically, you don’t want to waste its power.

6. Handcrank Lantern - $39.00
a. 1 minute or cranking = 30 minutes of light.

SOS Food Options:
1. 25 Year Shelf Life Freeze Dried Food - $20
a. Regular canned food has a shelf life of 1-2 years. Freeze fried canned food can last up to 25 years.
b. Remember to keep a can opener handy!

2. MRE’s - $7.00
a. Meals Ready to Eat – What the soldiers carry with them into the field.
b. No need for water or heating element. Open and eat!
c. Not the tastiest meal you’ve ever had, but it’ll keep your belly full.

3. Heater Meals - $7.00
a. Same concept as the MRE’s, but instead of adding water to the food itself, you add water to a heating element in the lining of the container.

4. Freeze Dried Meal Pouches - $7.00
a. Same preparation as the canned, but tastes much better. The freeze drying process locks in nutrition, and the shelf life is much longer. You won’t have to replace the items as often.

5. 55 Gallon Water Barrel - $45.00
a. With an additive, water will last for 3-4 months.

6. House Food Essential Assorted Bucket - $ 55.00
a. 3 day supply of food for a family of four.