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What Is So Special About Garden Products Made From Coconut Tree Materials?
Almost every part of a coconut tree is harvested for use and has many applications; from the fronds, to the trunk, to the coconut fruit and roots, it is the epitome of environmentally friendly material. Coconut fiber is a natural, highly renewable material, and coco fiber great alternative to peat based products, which is a limited resource.
What Are Some Coconut-Based Garden Products?
Most of these products are made from the husk that surrounds the brown fibrous coconut shell known as "coir."
Coconut Fiber Pellets - Used to plant small seeds. When you add water, they expand. Coco pellets absorb water 10x faster than peat pellets, holds more water for longer period and is resistant to mold.

Coconut Fiber Pots - Used to plant small plants, which can be later planted in the garden with container since coconut fiber is biodegradable.

Coco-Peat Bricks - Used to make potting soil, seed starting mix. Coco peat holds 9x weight in water, ability to store and release nutrients, can be reused for 4 years! Just add water, compost and sand.

Mega Mulch Compressed Brick - made from coconut shells used for mulch or growing orchids, bromeliads. Long lasting, dense expands 6 times in few minutes.

Coco - Fiber Weed Mat - pre-shaped, flat compressed coco fiber mat used to suppress weeds around base of trees; it’s biodegradable and compostable.

Coco Moss Liner - Liners retain moisture for less watering and are long lasting. Great for lining baskets for vertical gardening.

Garden Broom - The ultimate outdoor broom made from recycled materials from the coconut tree. Fallen branches collected and stripped for center rib, which becomes working part of room. Coconut husks soaked in water for 30 days and then stripped into coir fibers. Twine is made from coir to weave broom together. The coconut shell is used to cap each broom. Functions as a broom and rake and can work on wet or dry surfaces.

Where Do Coconut Trees Grow?
Tropical consistently warm areas (above 55 degrees) with regular rainfall- (over 40"inches/yr) in USA only Florida and Hawaii are successful. Tall varieties grow to 100 feet with up to 70 coconuts per tree and can last for 3 generations. The whole Coconut is planted in the ground as seed. Sprouts grow from the eyes on coconuts. Coconuts flower 13 times per year and produce fruit at these times.

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