Cleaning your Make-Up Brushes with Kym Douglas

Make-up brushes can harbor tons of bacteria and they are a breeding ground for all kinds of germs ranging from a common cold to something more serious like Pink Eye. Also, the average full set of make-up brushes can cost well over $100 and if you don’t keep them clean you have to keep replacing them as they become stiff and unusable and the bristles start to fall out. The great news, however, is this is an easy fix and Kym Douglas’ got some simple tricks and tips to help us keep our brushes in tip-top shape!

To clean make up brushes
• You can use a brush cleaner that you buy at a make-up store like MAC or Sephora.
• You can use Dove Bar soap and warm water- this is what all of the make-up pros in Hollywood use to gently clean their brushes and keep the bristles intact so they don’t fall out. • You can also make your own brush cleaner by combining equal parts Olive Oil and Head & Shoulders shampoo and whisk it together. You can just spray this cleaner on your brushes between washes to keep them sanitized and ready to use and it’s really easy to make and you can get everything at the drug store. Just combine:
• 13oz 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
• 2oz Cosmetic Grade Acetone • 1oz Jojoba or Grape Seed Oil • Few Drops Essential Oil (optional) Glam Box has for our viewers! Glam Box is offering our Home and Family viewers 30% off their purchase when you use the promo code "Hallmark" when you check-out at