Christy Wilhelmi's At Home Drip Irrigation

Installing drip irrigation is kind of like building LEGOs. There are many different hoses and attachments to customize your set-up. Here is the simple process we used.

What you need:

  • 1 battery operated hose timer
  • Batteries
  • 1 micro sprinkler kit
    • You can buy these at hardware stores such as Home Depot
    • Our kit included
      • ¾ in. back-flow device, 25 psi ¾ in. pre-set pressure regulator, ¾ in. swivel adapter, 200 ft. ½ in. drip irrigation hose and 50 ft. ¼ in. micro tubing, 11 completely-assembled micro sprayers with 360-, 180- and 90-degree spray patterns, 13 in. stakes, 24 in. of micro tubing and twenty 1 gph pressure-compensating drip emitters. Installing in 3 steps.

Installing in 3 steps:

  1. Connect:
    • connect your timer to an outdoor spigot or hose
  2. Distribute
    • lay out tubing network through your garden
    • use ½ to ¾ inch tubing to connect to water source
    • use ¼ inch micro tubing for branch lines
    • use elbow fittings to make corners
    • tie down stakes to anchor tubing
  3. Water
    • attach emitters to ends of plant lines
    • tons of different emitters
      • pressure compensating
      • adjustable
      • foggers
      • bubblers
      • tubing with pre-installed emitters

Cover the hosing with dirt or mulch and you're done!
You can find more about at home water irrigation tips in Christy's new book "Gardening For Geeks" and on her website,

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How to Start a Garden