Shirley Bovshow shares tips on how to trim your tree to look like a real Alpine Fir tree.
Christmas Tree Trimming
Christmas Decor
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  • Pruners (different sizes for large branches and small for finetuning)
  • Garden shears for overall shaping of tree
  • Twine if it is helpful to visualize the tiers you want to create
  • Floral wire and pipe cleaners to connect branches together where there may be a gap or to reinforce a stem that is weak
  • Lazy Susan for tabletop trees or strong plant dolly for large trees for spinning around


  • Always start from the top.
  • Cut off any stems that are competing with your main central leader trunk- this is where the star goes.
  • Using gardening shears, remove any stems that protrude from the clean pyramid shape
  • Before cutting and creating a tier, carefully examine the tree and make sure the tier you want to create has even branches around the tree
  • You can pre-plan your design before cutting by marking the tiers with twine as a guideline or not.
  • Work slowly and carefully and trim stems that are sticking up or down from the tier you are shaping. Review from all sides before going on to the next tier
  • Check the next tier from all sides to make sure it has even stemmed all around with no gaps and create a new tier.
  • Repeat as you move down the tree.
  • Take your time and step back to get a good look at tree from every angle before moving down
  • If you cut too much and leave a gap, use your floral wire to connect stems on a tier and close the gap. You can also use a green pipe cleaner to wrap around a weak stem that is needed to shape the tier.

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