Glam Tablescape Materials:

  • Lace
  • Styrofoam cones
  • Boa
  • Baby’s breath
  • Rectangular vase
  • Spray snow
  • Garland

Traditional Rustic Tablescape Materials:

  • 11 in wood slice chargers
  • Black matte plates
  • Napkins (burlap & red)
  • Deer head napkin ring
  • Runner (red/green plaid runner)
  • Copper cups
  • Ribbon (tie off end piece)
  • Birch for place holder
  • Candles
  • Sparse greenery garland for middle
  • Copper flat ware

Whimsical Tablescape Materials:
Materials For Candy Ballerina Charger

  • 8" wood rounds
  • white paint
  • pencil
  • red paint
  • paint brush
  • mod podge
  • red glitter (optional)
  • pink tulle
  • glue gun
  • scissors

Steps for Glam Tablescape Trees:

  1. Take Styrofoam cone and using low temp hot glue, wrap the boa around the cone.
  2. If needed secure with flower pins.

Steps to Create Rustic Tablescape Place Setting

  1. Using birch wood with slots print or write guest’s names and add to slot
  2. Place as desired

Whimsical Tablescape Directions:

  1. Paint the wood round white; allow to dry
  2. Use a pencil to draw the shapes of a peppermint candy
  3. Paint red
  4. Apply a thin layer of mod podge or glue over the red and cover with red glitter
  5. Shake off extra glitter and allow to dry
  6. Once dry, flip over and cut a piece of tulle long enough to glue in the middle and stick out longer than the wood round so that when the wood round if flipped back over (with the peppermint candy on top) it looks like it is sitting on a tutu
  7. Glue enough tulle onto the wood round to look like a full tutu

*Use the red paint even though you are going to cover it with glitter because it makes the color look more vibrant and full instead of just doing paint or just doing glitter.

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