Orly Shani brings a smile to the face of anyone who walks through your door this season with an adorable gingerbread house DIY Christmas Doormat.
Christmas Doormats
Home Decor
Seasonal Event:


  • Coir doormat with rubber backing
  • Puffy paint in white and other desired colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Chalk


  1. Draw out what part you need to cut to create the roofline of the gingerbread house using chalk on the backside rubber of the mat. Mark the center and draw out the apex of the roof and chimneys. PRO TIP: Fold the mat in half to find the center and mark. Use your hands to measure the spacing for the chimneys and mark.
  2. Use an x-acto knife to cut through the rubber of the mat along the chalk lines.
  3. Once you have the roofline cut, flip the mat over and use chalk to sketch out the general shapes and layout of your design.
  4. Paint over the lines with puff paint. Add multiple lines and blend together with a paintbrush to create thicker lines. PRO TIP: When using puff paint, always shake the paint to the tip of the tube and test for air bubbles on scrap material before applying.
  5. Add colorful details if desired like gumdrop borders etc.
  6. Allow the puff paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Enjoy!

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