Make your mantel merry by literally elevating letters spelling out “Merry Christmas.”


  • Paper mache letters 8” or 12”
  • Paper mache star
  • Glitter spray paint
  • Green spray paint
  • Foam core
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Faux snow
  • Optional: Miniature presents
  • Optional: Decorative snowflakes
  • Optional: Small letters to spell out “merry”
  • Optional: Ribbon for décor


1. Take all of your letters outside or to a well-ventilated area and paint them green.

2. Set aside to dry.

3. If you would like to add a coat of glitter to these letters, this is the time to do it. Add a coat of glitter.

4. Set aside to dry.

5. Take your paper mache star and paint that either gold or silver glitter.

6. Set aside to dry.

7. To create a base for your word art, cut a piece of foam core long enough to fit the width of the bottom four letters “t” “m” “a” “s” that is about 4-5” wide.

8. Use the letters to build upward, spelling christmas. We will have three levels to this, with a star on top.

9. On the foam core base, start with “t” “m” “a” “s”. Glue these letters to each other on the sides and onto the base.

10. For the second level, dry fit where you’d like your letters to rest before you glue them down. This level will have “r” “i” “s”. Once you like the placement, glue them in place with hot glue. Be generous with the hot glue to ensure security.

11. For the next level, dry fit “c” and “h” then glue into place.

12. Now add the star. Dry fit the start to the top of the structure and see what points on the star touch the letters. Mark those spots with a pencil. These are the only areas that you will need to apply glue.

13. Glue this on and hold it in place until it dries.

14. If you are going to add “merry” you can do this at this time.

15. Place the structure and arrange any décor you would like on your mantle and enjoy!

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