Choosing the Right Garden Pots

Shirley Bovshow is helping you decide on which garden pots are right for your plants.

Garden Pot Considerations:

  • Besides style and color, climate is important
  • Material of container
  • Weight of container
  • Sun or shade
  • Cold climate

Let's Start with Glazed Ceramic Pots:

Ceramic Pot Pros:

  • Beautiful colors
  • Many styles
  • Easy to clean

Ceramic Pots Cons:

  • Not porous like terra cotta so if you over water, plant can rot
  • Whole vessel can crack in freezing temp’s. Be able to move it indoors.
  • Look for a label that reads “frost proof”
  • Glaze cracks if watered in hot temp’s
  • On the topic of weight, fiberglass & concrete pots look heavy but actually, are not!

Fiberglass & Concrete Pros:

  • Many styles from classic to modern
  • Different finishes- textured or smooth
  • Lighter than real concrete
  • You can patch and paint it if you damage it!

On the Downside (Depending on the Quality):

  • Color can fade in full sun
  • Can crack and warp in freezing/hot temps if has a hole that lets water into container walls and compromises its integrity.
  • Absorbs heat so it can cook roots of tender plants


  • No full sun. Use indoors, in shade, or patio. Water early morning or evening to avoid root damage **Moving on to plastic. We see these everywhere.
  • Plastic is one of the most popular materials for containers, many are made using recycled plastic.

Plastic Pros:

  • Many shapes, sizes, colors
  • Looks like terra cotta
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

Plastic Cons:

Depending on Quality

  • Doesn't Breathe, Water Can't Evaporate - Don’t Overwater
    • Example #1: "Cheap Plastic" In Full Sun, Color Fades, Walls Crack If Plant Has Aggressive Roots- Warps
    • Example #2: "Better Plastic"- Thicker Walls & Molded Rim.
  • Considered "Commercial" Grade and Can Be Used in Full Sun Without Backing. Used in Many Cityscapes- See Photo
    • Example #3: "Best Plastic" Made from A Blend of Plastic and Resin Polymers Plus Other Proprietary Materials, This Is The Strongest And Most Durable Of All The Plastic Type. It Costs More Too.
  • Can Be Used in Or Out, All Temperatures. Lightweight.
How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden