“Check the Chip” Day for Pets

Important Information on Micro-Chipping:

  1. 10,000,000 pets are lost each year, and less than 10% are ever reunited with their owners
  2. Microchipping your pet costs between $25 -$50 depending on your vet
  3. You can also google search "Low cost pet microchip clinic" and find a low cost clinic that could do it for as low as $10
  4. If your pet is chipped, it is important to check the registration is up to date
  5. Check your pet's registration number FOR FREE, go to:
  6. If you need to find out what your pet's registration number is you can visit any pet shelter or vet's office to get your pet scanned (just make sure to call in advance)
  7. "Check the Chip" day is this Saturday, August 15th
Check the Chip Day - Home & Family

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