Taylor Swift look: Sparkle Eye and Red Lip
- Very fresh and clean look.
- Lighter intensity of color choices are swept over the lids. - Eye liner runs along the top lash line only to help define the eyes and not overpower them, perhaps a little bit of the eye shadow is used underneath the lower lashes. - A light dusting of sparkle towards the inner eye helps maintain playfulness. - The bold lip color creates drama! Be sure to line the lips first to define them and help your lip color last.
Kim Kardashian look: Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

- Serious smoke. - Deep, intensive eye shadow choices. - Layer the shadows to create this intensity. Starting with the lightest color and working your way to the outer eye with darker colors. - Blending is a must for successfully achieving this look! - An intense black liner is used along the top and bottom lashes, with eyeliner applied to the inside rims of eyes as well. - The intensity of this look requires the lips be a very soft nude color. This helps to maintain balance. Line the lips with a nude pencil and fill in with a lighter nearly matching color.
Katy Perry look: Heavy Eyeliner and Pink Lip

- Spunky, playful look. - Much more drama along the lash line with her liner. A catted out, winged style. - Adding a light shimmery shadow color brightens the inner eye. - Her eye shadow intensity is not overly done which helps maintain a wonderful balance between eyes and lips. She sports a lip color that shouts "PARTY!" Line lips first for perfect definition, and then apply lipstick.

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