Caring for and Repurposing Easter Plants

Tulip, daffodil, and calla lily are the most popular during this time. Easter Lily: Bermuda lily. 95% of all sold lilies come from Northern California and Oregon. Most popular is known as "Nellie White".

How Do You Care For These Types Of Plants?
If you are caring for these plants inside the home you keep in pots, keep away from direct heat and drafts (like a furnace). Bright indirect light and only water when soil is dry to the touch.
Lily: To extend the life of the potted lily, cut off the yellow pollen Anther. Always remove or punch holes in the decorative foil around the pot because collecting water could drown the plant.

Daffodil: Or known as Narcissus: Keep the plant in the container/pot until the flowers die off. Keep the soil moist to the touch. Similar care as the Lily. Most bulb care is the same. Loves sunny/partial shared area with well-drained soil whether in a container or in the ground. Blooms from winter to the beginning of summer. As with other bulb plants, feed with a balanced fertilizer or bone meal when season is over.

Tulips: Do best in dry summers and cold winters. New York display is world famous. Place in full or afternoon sun. In warm climates place in a shady spot with morning sun. Loves well drained soil. When blooming is done, place bulbs with pointed side up 8 inches deep in well balanced potting soil or well draining garden soil. Water immediately after planting. Same care as other bulbs.