Car Safety for Pets with Laura Nativo

A recent survey showed that only 17% of drivers use some kind of pet restraint in the car.

80% of us take our dogs with us in the car.
Most of us are driving without a harness for our pets. And that means that our pets can jump into our laps or move around the car or distract us. Distracted drivers are dangerous.
Over 3000 people are killed in distracted driver crashes.
FACTOID: The crash risk doubles for drivers with pets.

The 17% of us that are using some kind of pet restraint probably think we’re keeping our pets safe. But unfortunately, most of the time, they’d be wrong. You may be keeping your dog from distracting you but will these harnesses keep your dog safe in an accident? The Center for Pet Safety teamed up with Subaru to test the top harnesses. They used the same testing laboratory that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses. They tested small, medium and large dogs. I brought those tests with me today. There are no uniform test standards so it’s hard to look at manufacturers claims about safety. The Center for Pet Safety wants to educate consumers and pet product companies and come up with standards. These tests, sponsored by Subaru are the first step for that. Pet product companies have been very receptive.

Center For Pet Safety Campaigning For Safety Standards

FACTOID: 25lbs = Small, 45lbs = Medium, 75lbs = Large

FACTOID: Pet restraint harnesses $90 - $100.

Car Safety for Pets with Laura Nativo

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