Maria Provenzano is saving you money and showing you how to make your own wedding chairs.


  • Two Chairs
  • Tulle
  • Basic Wreath
  • Extra Decorations, per your season
  • Foam Core
  • X-acto Knife
  • Font “print out”
  • Glue
DIY Bride and Groom Chairs - Home & Family


1. Wrap your tulle through your chair as the base. If you have a slotted back, it’s beautiful to weave it through. If you don’t, just draping it between the two chairs is still a beautiful symbol of connection.
2. Decorate your wreath with the theme of your wedding (examples - Christmas: Pine Cones, Pine Needles, Holly, Snow; Summer - Long grasses and Sunflowers; Autumn - colorful autumn leaves).
3. Print out the letters on your computer and lightly tape them to a sheet of foam core.
4. Cut out the letters. You should be using a cursive font that better holds the letters together.
5. Glue the letters across your wreath.
6. Hang the wreath on the chair over the tulle.

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