Brandi Chastain’s Soccer Mom Tips

  1. It’s important to be both physically and mentally prepared for game day. I always help my son to have a good, nutritious meal the night before the game and encourage him to practice visualizing making great plays. When you’ve already imagined them happening, they’re that much easier to recreate on the field!
  2. Juggling all the responsibilities of being a mom can be crazy, especially when shuttling my son to practices and games. It’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle so always pack extra socks and an extra pair of cleats (if you have them)!
  3. A tough game means lots of perspiration so help your kids by teaching them to stay hydrated! 15-20 oz. of water two to three hours before practices and games will help their little engines to keep running at full steam!
  4. It’s no fun losing. But learning how to be a good winner and a good loser are both really important. Before a big game I always try to tell my son that the most important thing is to go out and to do the best you can and, win or lose, be positive and treat others with respect.
  5. I know that game days can get crazy! So it’s always helpful to have quick, healthy snacks on hand. That’s why I love DOLE Fruit Squish’ems. The squeezable fruit pouches are a delicious and nutritious snack that come in easy-to-use pouches. Each pouch contains one full serving of all-natural fruit from fresh USA apples. They can be easily eaten in the car or on the sidelines of the game.
Soccer Superstar Brandi Chastain