Maria Provenzano is back and showing you how to make beautiful borax crystals with powdered borax, pipe cleaners and food coloring.


  • Powdered Borax
  • Pipe cleaners (white, or the color of the crystal you want to make)
  • Heat safe containers like mason jars 
  • Scissors
  • Thread 
  • Pencil or food skewer
  • Food coloring 
  • Water 

Materials for Mold Paper Weigh

  • plaster of paris
  • water
  • mold; silicone molds are great, but plastic cups, boxes, etc. also work 
  • plastic spoon or popsicle sticks, or something similar to stir with 
DIY Borax Crystals - Home & Family


1) Bring a pot of water to a boil

2) Carefully pour the water into the mason jar or whatever container you are using, about 2/3 full

3) Add in enough borax so that the water is saturated, and is unable to dissolve more

4) Add in food coloring; the more you add the darker it will be

5) Make a shape with one or more pipe cleaners and tie some string into the shape

6) Attach the thread to the pencil or skewer so that the shape is hanging securely

7) Place the shape into the water mixture making sure it is completely (be sure that the shape isn't touching the bottom of the container or it could stick and be difficult to get out)

8) Cover and allow to sit for 24 hours

9) Remove from container and allow to dry completely

Directions for for Mold for Paper Weight

1) Follow the direction on the Plaster of Paris, but usually it is one part water to two parts plaster

2) Slowly mix the plaster into the water using the spoon to mix together

3) Mix until there are no lumps

4) Add more water or more plaster until you achieve the consistency you are looking for which is something you can easily pour

5) Pour the mixture into the mold and place the borax crystal on top

6) Allow to harden for about an hour, remove from the mold, and allow to set up for 24 hours

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