Shirley Bovshow is making her own bird sanctuary using Dollar Store items.


  • White wire trash can
  • Wire wreath form
  • 3 bags of moss
  • Wire plant hanger
  • Birds
  • Stones
  • Thistle bag
  • Plastic plate

Free Materials

  • Twig
  • Succulent cuttings
  • Wire
  • Bird seed


1. Fill the trash can with clippings and moss. Use materials that birds would use in nest building. We also fed a stick through the inside of the trash can as a bird perch!

2. Attach the wire wreath frame to the trash can (our trash can lip wedged perfectly into the center hole of the wreath frame)

3. Line the top of the wire frame with moss

4. Place a plate or plastic lid on top of the trash can/wreath as a “lid”

5. Fill with birdseed and watch how much your birds love it!

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