1. Kindle Paperwhite - $119.00
a. Where to find :
b. Why it's cool - This Kindle e-reader from Amazon mimics ink on paper with no glare. It’s a touch screen, 3G or wifi.
2. Fitbit One - $99.95
a. Where to find:
b. Why it's cool - Tracks all daily movements and sleep patterns through Bluetooth. You can upload the information from the Bluetooth to your computer using the software and the website. If you download the iPhone app you can be out and about away from your computer and still benefit from the software and website. You are rewarded with badges and achievement points for reaching goals. With the online community you can gain motivation from sharing success or competing with other members.
3. Olloclip 3-in-1 Photo Lens for Apple iPhone-$69.99
a. Where to find:
b. Why it's cool: Easily attachable lens that allows you to take photos with fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses that fit in the palm of your hand.
4. Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System - $129.99 for system, includes USB cord and 3 cubes ($29.95 each)
a. Where to find:
b. Why it's cool: Cubes communicate wirelessly and respond to each other and your gestures. Completely unique interactive games that require special reasoning that exercise the brain. Comes preloaded with software and games. Download new games from site.
5. Logitech Harmony Touch - $249.99
a. Where to find:
b. Why it's cool: Programmable remote that connects to your computer by USB. You download the software interface from You choose the devices that you have in your home and the remote downloads all of the codes of each device from its database and programs it to each of your devices for you. It won't deprogram like a regular universal tends to do. If you unplug or reboot a cable box, it remembers and stays programmed. It has a "help" feature that goes through a trouble shooting process of asking you questions and prompting you step-by-step what the problem is until it is fixed. It has a tough screen with customizable buttons and categorizes your devices into common activities, ie "Listen to music," "Watch T.V.”"