Matt Iseman gives you tips on how to choose your exercise flooring for your home gym.

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Best Exercise Flooring
I have rheumatoid arthritis and one of the things that helps with any autoimmune disease is exercise so I got serious and put a gym in my home. And the first thing I had to figure out is what kind of flooring would be best.

Home Gym Priority: Flooring
I covered a whole room sq. ft. but you absolutely don’t need a whole room…. Just carve out a corner of a room…. I would recommend a minimum of 25 sq. ft. or a 4’ by 8’ area

Exercise Corner minimum, 25 sq. ft.
You have to look for something that fits your exercise routine, your budget and your needs, medically.

Exercise Flooring Priorities

One of the most comfortable floorings – carpet tiles. They are super affordable at 1 dollar a sq ft. And for someone like me that likes to do yoga, a great solution. Plus, it is an easy blend into the room as a room décor. And if mom and dad want to get a workout in, it’s soft enough for little kids to play on.

Carpet tiles: $1 sq. ft.
Carpet Tiles have a room décor seamless look
Carpet tiles are good for low impact exercise

If you’re going to put carpet tiles into a basement and let’s say that basement floods, they will fall apart, develop mold and need to be pulled up and you will have to start over.

EVA foam is foldable, water proof, easy to clean, and mildew and mold resistant. But for someone like me, with joint problems, there is also a half inch cushion which makes it easier for higher aerobics like jumping.

EVA Foam $1 per sq ft
EVA Foam provides cushion for joints
EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is water proof

Carpet Tiles and Foam pricewise are about the same, 1 dollar a sq ft
I found EVA foam with carpet…. The best of both worlds. I can do yoga and jumping. It costs double, about 2 dollars a square foot but I like the feel of carpet and I don’t have to worry about flooding.

Foam with Carpet, $2 sq. ft

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