Your thanksgiving table setting won’t be an after-thought with Paige’s DIY Beaded Native Corn Napkin Rings.


  • 4 12” Pipe cleaners in a natural color (can be beige, brown, etc.)
  • Large hole glass pony beads in a variety of colors (you will need about 100-150 individual beads) If you can’t find glass, you can also use plastic.
  • 1 toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue/glue gun


1. Lay out your four pipe cleaners together on a flat surface.

2. In the middle, grab all four and twist them together. Splay them out evenly. (This will give you eight different sections.)

3. Starting with one section by adding beads all the way down to the twist point. Be sure to vary the colors to mimic the colors in real Native Corn.

4. Continue this until you have about four inches of beads. Bend the pipe cleaner up at your stopping point.

5. Continue this process until all eight sections are complete.

6. Grab them all up together and connect them by twisting the pipe cleaners together at the top.

7. Splay out the pipe cleaners at the top of the corn.

8. Cut a 1.5” - 2” section of cardboard from your paper towel or toilet paper holder.

9. Using hot glue, add ribbon to the cardboard. This creates the “napkin ring” portion of the DIY.

10. Glue the napkin ring to the back of your individual corn.

11. Put a napkin through the ring.

12. OPTIONAL: Use the same ribbon to make the napkin ring look more elaborate.

13. Add these to your Thanksgiving table décor and enjoy!

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