Orly's clever way to bring winter into your wardrobe.


  • Scarves with fringe
  • Fashion bead strands


1. Lay your scarf out on a flat surface with the fringe laid out straight.

2. Count out your bead strands and figure out how you want to space them on in the fringe.
Pro tip: Before purchasing, bend the plastic string the beads come on, if it has an elastic quality and is bendable the beads are new and good to use! If the plastic string frays or cracks the beads are old. Old bead strands will not work for this project because they will break.

3. Fold each bead strand in half and lay them with the center fold just above the fringe pieces where you want to attach it.

4. Tie two pieces of fringe together around the center of the bead strand. Tie a double knot for security.

5. Repeat step 4 until you’ve added all the bead strands desired and enjoy!

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